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Flora of South America


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The Copihue (Lapageria rosea) as one of the most beautiful flowers in Chile is also called the "national flower of Chile" - the Chilean bellflower.

As the only species in the genus Lapageria it is placed in the forests of the southern part of Chile, which is related to the "Valdivian" flora.

The Copihue is characterized by large hanging red blades and leaves. It blooms in the summer and in some areas also in autumn.

The whole plant can grow up to a height of five meters, where as the bloom can reach a length of about four cm.


Flora of Egypt

Blue Lily


The Blue Lily, Nymphaea caerulea, is represented in Egyptian ancient art.
It was detected as a scattered pattern over Tutanchamun"s body opening the pharaoh"s tomb in 1922.

Several historians supposed it was an absolutely symbolic flower.
Apart from that several interpretations and opinions exist that ancient Egyptians used it for mental stimulation.

Preparing it as a tea a viscous gold coloured liquid is the result.


Flora of Africa


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The Acacia Erioloba, also known as "Camel Thorn" or "Kameeldoring" is a plant of the family of Mimosoideae.

It can range from 2m up to 20m high, it can be scrubby or a massive tree. The bark is grey to blackish brown, deeply furrowed, young branchlets shiney reddish brown.

The spines is strongly developed, almost straight up to 6 cm in lenght with swollen bases, whitish or brown. The flowers is a bright yellow ball and can be seen between July to December


Fauna of Australia


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One of the largest surviving marsupial is the Red Kangaroo (Macropus Rufus). It is based in the mainpart of Australia bewaring the areas in the south, the east coast, and the more tropical rain forests in the north.

It inhabits most of the dry inland of the central part of Australia and prefers open plains where trees and bushes are spare.

It is characterized by long, pointed ears and a squared-off muzzle. Females are smaller than males and are blue-grey with a brown tinge, pale grey below, although arid zone females are coloured more like males.

Fauna of Antartica


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The largest of all penguins are the "Emperors". They can easily be recognised by their black cap, orange ear patches and blue-grey neck.

Under the Emperor"s skin a thick layer of blubber is placed. A compact layer of woolly coating covers their chicks.

An overlapping structure of feathers grows over this layer, whereby the outer feathers are masked with a greasy and sleazy coating.

This feather structure is mainly responsible for retaining heat and keeping the water off the penguins" skin.
The Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) is the most common of all penguins in Antarctica.

Fauna of Africa


Planet Africa



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