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Infos HU: DISCOP is targeted at distribution, programming, acquisitions, production and advertising executives involved in Central Eastern Europe ...[read more]

Infos GE: MobiTV raises further $30m MobiTV, the US-headquartered mobile television aggregator ...[read more]

Infos US: Combined commercial market value (backhaul, retail contracts) for streaming audio, video, ...[read more]

Infos LU: Dan Goldberg joins Executive Committee of SES Global CEO of New Skies Satellites to ...[read more]

Infos GE:  Mobile users in Norway can now watch TV on their phones, courtesy of the public ...[read more]

News CH The number of global DTV users has reached 220 million in 2006, and the average ...[read more]

News US: Mother of all networks faces complexities, questions, but early signs encouraging; phone ...[read more]

T.TV.I. Career

Open Position 1: Advertisement Manager for Main Office Sofia

Details: call +359 2 9318 000, mail: dimtchev [.ed.] ttvi.biz, or: ->[ link ]

Open Position 2: Assistant for Production Team 3, Sofia

Details: call +359 2 9318 000, mail: dimtchev [.ed.] ttvi.biz, or: ->[ link ]

Open Position 3: DV Journalist for PR Office, Sofia

Details: call +359 2 9318 000, mail: dimtchev [.ed.] ttvi.biz, or: ->[ link ]

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News CH: Guangdong Telecom says it will invest another RMB5 billion to expand IPTV services and ...[read more]

News BR: Latin America"s Leading IPTV Event - the conference will feature over 20 telcos and ISPs discussing ... [read more]

News FR: The DSL Forum has announced the approval of its latest Technical ...[read more]

News NL: Euromedia 2007 conference, April 25-27, 2007, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The ...[read more]

News US: The Asia Pacific region will lead the global revolution in internet protocol television ...[read more]

News FR: DVB-T - 70% of the households in 2007. The French Media Council Conseil Supérieur de ...[read more]

News DE: Home shopping channel QVC UK has selected interactive TV authoring specialist Ensequence ...[read more]

News US: Competition from pay TV to keep revenues down, says Gartner
IPTV services will ...[read more]

T.TV.I. Career

Pos 3: DV Journalist for main office Sofia ...[read more]

Pos 1: Advertisement Manager for Office BG ...[read more]

T.TV.I. Market

Issue 2: Rubric Sponsoring and Premiere partner conditions, Prizes / Scales / Features ...[read more]

Issue 1: Advertisement strutures and conditions ...[read more]