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Porto: 2nd Workshop on Digital Television & Digital Special Interest Channels at the "Euromedia 2008"

Euromedia 2008 conference, April 9-11, 2008, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
In contrast to traditional TV DTV is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound by means of digital signals. It uses digitally compressed modulation data, which requires decoding by a specially designed television set or a standard receiver (set-top box) as well as via PC-TV based on ADLS (VDSL). Digital Television has several advantages regarding technically as well as content and programmatically related aspects. One of the most significant is the use of a smaller channel bandwidth. This frees up space for more digital channels, other non-television services such as pay-multimedia services and the generation of new revenue models based on interactive advertisement and marketing features. Furthermore there are special services such as multicasting (more than one programme on the same channel), electronic programme guides and interactivity providing a wider range of application.
Accordingly within the last year a growing up of specialised digital TV channels (Special Interest Channels) has to be observed European wide. This new growing up stream is mainly characterised by the phenomena of merging television (TV) and information technology (IT) know how, methods and techniques.
In this context the workshop targets to show up the development in both directions: the technically aspects as well as the content and programmatically issues. It provides a presentation and discussion platform for exchanging experiences made within the establishment as well as the maintenance of digital special interest channels. Main focus will be to point out the interdependencies and the mutual influences of technically streams and content respectively service related issues.


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