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Infos GE: MobiTV raises further $30m MobiTV, the US-headquartered mobile television aggregator ...[read more]

News CZ: IPTV World Forum Eastern Europe
The number of digital TV households in Western ...[read more]

Infos Ge: Telekom Germany and Microsoft have agreed for cooperation concerning the market ...[read more]

Infos US: Combined commercial market value (backhaul, retail contracts) for streaming audio, video, ...[read more]

Infos CH: CCTV Launches China"s First HDTV Service with Television MPEG-2 Encoding System (Business ...[read more]

Infos GE:  Mobile users in Norway can now watch TV on their phones, courtesy of the public ...[read more]

Current BG program:     [link one]

Example Program Monday - Friday

08:00   Living Famously
08:30   Traveling with style
09:00   Documentaries
09:30   Documentaries
10:00   Just in Africa
10:30   Under the sky of BG
11:00   Out of the blue
11:30   Hit the Road
12:00   360 - The Global series
12:30   Great tastes of Europe and the Mediterranean
13:00   Living Famously
13:30   Living Famously
14:00   Traveling with style
14:30   Documentaries
15:00   Documentaries
15:30   Terra Incognita
16:00   Off The Vine
16:30   The great barrier reef
17:00   Out of the blue - premiere
17:30   Hit the Road - premiere
18:00   360 - The Global series – premiere
18:30   Great tastes of Europe and the Mediterranean - premiere
19:00   Living Famously – premiere
19:30   Biographies
20:00   Scandals
20:30   American pages
21:00   Traveling Lite
21:30   Islands
22:00   World
22:30   All about France
23:00   Traveling with style - premiere
23:30   Documentaries

Program Weekend

08:00   The history of USA  
08:30   Traveling with style - repetition 
09:00   Documentaries 
09:30   Documentaries 
10:00   In the world of Pets 
10:30   Be extreme  
11:00   Be extreme  
11:30   E-nomad
12:00   Beyond history    
12:30   Bagatur   
13:00   Biographies 
13:30   Biographies 
14:00   Biographies 
14:30   Biographies 
15:00   Biographies 
15:30   AIDS
16:00   Art arena
16:30   Travelers with camera  
17:00   Out of the blue - premiere
17:30   E-nomad
18:00   Travel Guide - premiere   
18:30   Sea adventures    
19:00   Bagatur   
19:30   Biographies 
20:00   Scandals  
20:30   American pages   
21:00   Traveling Lite   
21:30   Islands 
22:00   Traveling with Style  
22:30   All about France  
23:00   Traveling with style - premiere  
23:30   Documentaries 
00:00   Documentaries 

Int. News

News US: Competition from pay TV to keep revenues down, says Gartner
IPTV services will ...[read more]

News FR: DVB-T - 70% of the households in 2007. The French Media Council Conseil Supérieur de ...[read more]

News FR: European satellite operator SES Astra has signed a contract to supply its interactive ...[read more]

News US: The number of households around the world subscribing to Internet Protocol television ...[read more]

T.TV.I. Career

Pos 2: Production Assistant for production Team 3 ...[read more]

T.TV.I. Market

Issue 2: Rubric Sponsoring and Premiere partner conditions, Prizes / Scales / Features ...[read more]